Part 3 -- "The Main Event"

An Important and Diverse Collection of Art, Antiques and Decorative Accessories

Starts Thursday, December 16th at 9am
Weekdays open from 10am to 4pm

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7837 Herschel Ave., La Jolla, CA 92037

San Diego Estate Sales is proud and delighted to announce we will be offering an abundance of significant, fine and higher end art objects, antiques and decorative accessories from the Helen Alvarez Smith collection.  These items from her various abodes, were collected from all over the globe over the span of her lengthy life.  As an astute business woman, interior designer and savvy art and antique collector, Helen Alvarez Smith amassed an important collection.  It is being offered at estate sale prices just in time for that special gift for the collector or a unique decoration for the holiday home.

Items include:

Ivory, metal sculptures, bronze sculptures, marble sculptures.  Collection of snuff bottles.  Samson and Cie, Felix 2eh Fex, Sevres, Lalique, Bonoh Sevres, E. Werner, Hamann, Chanele, Waterford, Paris Porcelain, Volkstedt, Swarovski, Douglas Denver Theo, Schumann, MAB, Prov Saxe, Minton, Lenox, Barclay, Capodimonte, Sitzendorf, Achilles Ulysses Honigon, Royal Dalton, Mittereich, Dresdon, Tiffany, Limoges, Bohemia Royal Ivory, Pereek Johnson Brothers, Rosenthal, Meissen, Chelsea Derby, Samson, Herend, Royal Vienna, Von Schierholz, Boris Lovet-Lorski, Stouffers, Baccarat, Daum, Spoda, Stoneware


Will Anderson, Taiso Yoshitoshi, Benjamin Williams Leader, Katon, Sydney Yates Johnson, V. Piaget, G. Morland, J.A. Moller, Arthur L. Cox, Kuniyoshi, Kumihide, Albert Hayward, David Payne, George Haller, L.C. Hoop, David W. Haddon, Brinson, John White, William Morrison, Havet, Sir John Gilbert, Martin Leslie, Brinson, African carvings.


Frederick Remington


Sevres-style porcelain, satsuma style, cut glass, metal lamps, ceramic, cloisonne, bronze.


A massive collection of Asian works of art from all regions: objects ranging from snuff bottles to room size screen plus numerous Asian decorations. Categories include, ivories, carved jades and other simi-precious stones, netuske, snuff bottles, fine Chinese, Japanese and Thai porcelains, ceramics, and bronzes, many gilt, lacquer cloisonne, Japanese wood bock prints, scrolls, paintings and fine Chinese and Japanese screes from table top to room size.

Two bronze Yatale, Satsuma Vases, watercolor screens, wood block screens, prints, Salle paintings, porcelain, Peking glass, Cloisonne, Laige, collection of snuff bottles, jade.

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